WORDS 2023 – Accepted papers

Adamson: Ranking, Unranking k-Subsequence Universal Words
Adamson, Kosche, Koß, Manea, Siemer: Longest common subsequence with gap constraints
Béaur, de Menibus: Sturmian and infinitely desubstitutable words accepted by an ω-automaton
Berthé, Goulet-Ouellet: Substitutions preserving their return sets
Dolce: String attractors for factors of the Thue-Morse word
Dvorakova, Lepsova: Critical exponent of Arnoux-Rauzy sequences
Dvořáková, Mašek, Pelantová: On a class of 2-balanced sequences
Ferenczi, Hubert, Zamboni: Order conditions for languages
Fujimaru, Nakashima, Inenaga: On Sensitivity of Compact Directed Acyclic Word Graphs
Gabric, Shallit: Smallest and Largest Block Palindrome Factorizations
Gheeraert, Romana, Stipulanti: String attractors of fixed points of k-bonacci-like morphisms
Kreczman, Prigioniero, Rowland, Stipulanti: Magic Numbers in Periodic Sequences
Mimouni, Berthé: Recurrence and frequencies
Mol, Rampersad, Shallit: Dyck Words, Pattern Avoidance, and Automatic Sequences
Rampersad, Shallit: Rudin-Shapiro Sums Via Automata Theory and Logic
Rigo, Stipulanti, Whiteland: Automaticity and Parikh-collinear morphisms
Saarela: On the solution sets of entire systems of word equations
Schnoebelen, Veron: On arch factorization and subword universality for words and compressed words
Tahay: Characteristic sequences of the sets of sums of squares as columns of cellular automata