DLT 2023 – Accepted papers

  1. Almagor, Yizhaq: Jumping Automata over Infinite Words
  2. Anselmo, Castiglione, Flores, Giammarresi, Madonia, Mantaci: Isometric Words based on Swap, Mismatch Distance
  3. Banerjee, Chatterjee, Guha: Set Augmented Finite Automata over Infinite Alphabets
  4. Béal, Crochemore: Fast detection of specific fragments against a set of sequences
  5. Cheon, Han: Weak inverse neighborhood of languages
  6. de Menibus, Lutfalla, Noûs: The Domino problem is undecidable on every rhombus subshift
  7. Durand, Caron, Patrou: The exact state complexity for the composition of Root, reversal
  8. Giuliani, Inenaga, Liptak, Romana, Sciortino, Urbina: Bit catastrophes for the Burrows-Wheeler Transform
  9. Hoffmann: Completely Distinguishable Automata, the Set of Synchronizing Words
  10. Hoffmann: Synchronization of Parikh Automata
  11. Hugenroth: Zielonka DAG Acceptance, Regular Languages over Infinite Words
  12. Kenkireth, Malhotra: On Word Representable, Multi-Word Representable Graphs
  13. Kim, Han, Ko, Salomaa: On the Simon’s Congruence Neighborhood of Languages
  14. Kutrib, Meyer: Tree-Walking-Storage Automata
  15. Masakova, Pelantova, Studeničová: Rewriting rules for arithmetics in alternate base systems
  16. Ruszil: Synchronizing Automata with Coinciding Cycles
  17. Shur: Approaching Repetition Thresholds Via Local Resampling, Entropy Compression
  18. Thompson, Freydenberger: Languages Generated by Conjunctive Query Fragments of FC[REG]
  19. Yuyama: Groups whose word problem is accepted by an abelian G-automaton